Target Deeper

When adding a new campaign I make sure we do also a Display Ad campaign (which is the Banner ads placed on various websites).

The main reason is the fact that it enables targeting that is not available in standard text AdWords campaign.

When doing Display Ads make sure you go to ‘display Networks’ tab then ‘Targeting’ and enter various targeting ideas that can better meet your target audience.

A good one is ‘Topics’

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 11.39.03.png

Choose Keywords that better target the audience but also topics that interest that audience when searching for various websites. These websites will be associated with the topics and will present the Display Ad.


Once adding an Ad choose > Display Network > Topics > +Targeting > and add any topics related.

Note that you can just enter a related word and Google will assist with relevant topics for you to choose from.

Good Luck.


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